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Our Objectives


Mr. Zaheer Manki (Chairman)

Mr. Syed Anwar Ali

Dr. Zareen Naqvi

Mr. Syed Nadeem Kazmi

Mr. Syed Haider Abbas

Baabul Ilm Education Society is a small non-profit organization. The sole purpose of the society is to promote higher education among the youth of the community. The idea is to encourage and help high school students to better prepare for a good quality post-secondary education. We have no other aspirations.
For the past 5 years the Society has been awarding a number of $1,000 scholarships to most outstanding and deserving students of grades 10, 11 and 12. The feedback from award recipients is very positive. Most of them felt that this token of help and appreciation from the community has given them a boost and motivated them to excel in their studies.
The criteria to award the scholarships are very transparent. They are mainly based on merit (grades) and need; but we also give weight to the students’ volunteer activities and religious knowledge.
The scholarship Committee comprises of 5 highly respected, reputed, and educated seniors of the community. The committee is chaired by Mr. Zaheer Manki and other members include: Mr. Haider Abbas, Mr. Anwar Ali, Mr. Nadeem Kazmi, and Dr. Zareen Naqvi.The scholarship program is open for all Muslims.
The scholarship Committee does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, ethnicity, and/or family background. In fact, we want this humble effort to help build harmony within the community by recognizing and celebrating the achievements of all our youth. Our record over the past 3 years is a testament of our truly indiscriminate approach in awarding scholarships.

The history of the followers of Ahlulbat (AS) is full of such people who left their mark on this world through their hard work, pursuits, and accomplishments in the areas of science, art, architecture, and literature among other forms of knowledge. In doing so not only did they bring glory to themselves, but also to the communities, societies, and the wrold in which we live in today.

In our times, it is our responsibility not just to preserve the heritage and the traditional thirst for knowledge handed down to us by these great people of the history but also try and make our own contributions and efforts in gaining knowledge in every brach of learning accessible to us. One of the famous sayings of the Prophet (PBUH) is “Seek knowledge from cradle to grave” 


To achieve this dynamic Islamic goal, academic development and attainment of knowledge should be our most important means.  We seek the advancement of our community by supporting these academic pursuits and channeling the resources in this direction. We are starting our mission with a modest amount but we are very hopeful that it will grow with time.  It is worth mentioning here that most of such endeavours in the past have started with very modest resources. For example the famous Anjuman-e-Sadat-e-Momineen in the Indian sub-continent started its crusade in 1912 with just two rupees. Today the amount of resources that they disburse exceeds US$ 1.3 million. 


We are launching this noble campaign with the patronage of the Imam of our times ATF with the same resolve and zeal. We hope and pray to Almighty Allah that He , with the vaseela of the Baabul Ilm, Imam Ali AS help us make this effort a success and beneficial for deserving youth of our community. Ameen.

Please note that this is purely a non-political private endeavour.


Any questions or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact


Dr. Mohammad Akbar (

Dr. Zareen Naqvi (


Our Objectives

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