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Honoring Pakistan VCS

Friday may 07, 2015
at Al Madina Restaurant 
Surrey, BC


Baabul Ilm Education Society, a non-profit organization promoting higher education among the Muslim youth of the Lower mainland, hosted a dinner in honour of the visiting delegation of Vice Chancellors (VCs) from various universities of Pakistan at Madina Restaurant in Surrey, BC.
The delegation comprised of 18 VCs, a director general from Higher Education Commission, and representatives of British Council, and Common Wealth. Also present on the occasion were Wayne Tebb, Dean School of Business, representing Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Dr. Zareen Naqvi, director institutional research and planning representing Simson Fraser University (SFU), Renowned scholar and researcher Dr. Nasir Zaidi represented the Muslim community of the Lower Mainland, Dr. Abdul Qadir, and Mr. Nadeem Kazmi represented the Baabul Ilm Education society. Dr. Mohammad Tariq, the Council General of Pakistan was also present.
Speaking on the occasion Wayne Tebb gave a brief introduction of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University and highlighted the prospects of establishing a relationship with universities in Pakistan. He also talked about the multicultural environment at Kwantlen. He mentioned that students at Kwantlen are from a diverse cultural, religious, and linguistic background. Dr. Zareen Naqvi welcomed the visit by the VCs from Pakistan and spoke about the importance of following up on such visits and the contacts established during these visits. She also showed interest in having some kind of exchange program between SFU and Pakistani universities. Dr. Nasir Zaidi, expert on Quranic studies and Fiqh-e-Islami talked about the importance of education both religious and otherwise. He also enlightened the delegation about the excellent research work that he is carrying out in Canada.
Each member of the visiting delegation introduced themselves and spoke about their institution. In the end the head of the delegation, the director general of Higher Education Commission thanked Babul Ilm Education Society for inviting the delegation and proving the opportunity to meet representatives of various Canadian universities and communities.
This was followed by a delicious dinner specially prepared by Qamar Abbas of the Madina Restaurant.


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